Are you conquering european markets?

You can’t go further west – at least not in Germany. And you can’t go further east, at least not in the Netherlands. And when all’s said and done, it comes down to the uniqueness of the location. AVANTIS is a uniquely situated springboard for companies with ambition. Conquer the European market – AVANTIS is your starting point.


  • Motorways in all directions with own connection
  • Maastricht-Aachen Airport on the doorstep and fi ve other international airports within an hour
  • Three of Europe’s biggest inland ports in Duisburg, Liege and the Barge Terminal in Born within one hour by truck
  • 107 million people in a radius of 400 km represent 25% of the total buying power in the EU


You reach 107 million people in a radius of 400 km: